Friday, August 13, 2010

Profile: Kathy Lauman

Kathy Lauman is the current featured artist at the Cafe Du Cirque. Numerous works of hers are being displayed in the entrance alcove at the cafe until the end of August.
She likes realism, but her favorite artists are mixed media artist Kelli Perkins; Susan Kline, a Community Artists Co-Op member who also does mixed media works (Kathy likes her vibrant colors); and Maxwell Parrish.
Her mother was an artist and sparked her continued interest in being creative. She always wanted to be an artist as well, but lacked the confidence and didn't think she could be.
She's originally from western Michigan, but has resided here in the Peru area since 2002; moving here to be near family.
She has been married 34 years to her husband and has 2 daughters, ages 29 and 33; the latter is about to make her the grandmother of a baby boy.
Her collage on canvas seen here above is titled "Friendship" and was created for the Cole Poter Festival Art Show and has been purchased, I believe. "Friendship" is a song composed by Mr. Porter.
Every other month we pick a word and create an artwork portraying an aspect of that word. April's word was "Mellow" and Kathy's artwork demonstrating that word is seen here, again on the left.
Ages ago Kathy went through a major depression that took many years to work through. It causes her to avoid sad things, movies, music, etc. That expresses itself in her mixed media works which display her witty, quirky, often ornery sense of humor primarily with a muted palette of colors.
She works on canvases as well as creating works with fabrics; utilizing her quilting/sewing skills.
She will sometimes transfer a photo onto fabric, stitch around it and incorpoate other elements, creating a piece of art.

A little bit more about Kathy:
Favorite movie: "Batteries Not Included"
Favorite band: Doesn't really have one, but likes the "oldies, but goodies".
Favorite song: "I Can See Clearly Now" by Johnny Nash
Favorite Colors: Purple, orange and green, not necessarily in that order.
Make an effort to come by the Cafe Du Cirque to see Kathy's artwork up close, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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