Thursday, August 19, 2010

Profile: Deb Saine

This is Deb Saine, she was the featured artist for May and June. She lives in Logansport and writes for the newspaper there, the Logansport Pharos Tribune. For that reason I asked her to write her own profile. And here it is:

Art, for me, provides an escape and is therapeutic. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder and tend to keep to myself. Taking lessons twice a week-sometimes more-gets me out of the house and affords me the opportunity to work with others.

I started taking lessons from Teri Partridge(artist and Co-Op member) in the fall of 2008, but I've always enjoyed art-whether I'm creating something myself or enjoying the work of others. Over the past 18 months, I've dabbled in drawing, worked with acrylics and watercolor and recently started keeping an art journal.
I loved art classes when I was in grade school and junior high. There was nothing better than a new box of Crayolas with those 64 colors. I went on to take a class or two in high school and college. When it was time to draw a nude figure, I freaked out and dropped the class. That happened more than 30 years ago.
In 2006, I was going through a difficult period in my life. I turned to markers and started drawing all kinds of things. I also started working through Mark Kistler's "Draw Squad". This was in 2006. Two years later, I wound up at Teri's studio.

My art vocabulary isn't extensive, but I make no apologies about that. All I know is that I like drawing and love watercolor.
As for the photographs, I've been taking photos off and on since high school. I mostly take photographs of nature, flowers,clouds and animals. And most recently, I've been photographing old barns.
The artwork immediately above is a work done by Deb for the Cole Porter Festival Art Show, held in June. The title being "Don't Fence Me In" a song written by Cole Porter.

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