Saturday, July 25, 2009

Meeting Notes from Wednesday, July 22 nd

Each month I will be posting notes of our most recent meeting so that those not able to attend can keep up to date and those that were there can have their memories refreshed.
Here is the first edition of those notes:

July 22nd Meeting Notes: Attendance: 21; this includes 1 new member

Election: We elected 2 new board members-Bobbie Jackson and Diane Lehman. The board now consists of myself(Valerie May), Chris Arrick, Bobbie Jackson and Diane Lehman.
Chris or his mom, Bonnie Arrick, will be permanent board members as long as we are in association with Cafe Du Cirque.
Bobbie and Diane will serve until January of 2011. I will leave the board before that and we will then elect a new member. Each new board member will serve 1 year from that time forward unless circumstances warrant.

Petty Cash: Petty cash will be deposited into a joint bank account established by myself and Chris Arrick. Any money to be spent over the amount of $50.00 will require group approval and both signatures.
This month the amount of $22 was given by our group. Thank you members!

4x4s: All members voted to maintain the commitment to our Community Service Project---the nursing home 4x4 works of art to be given as Christmas gifts to the residents. This year we are hoping to expand our program to include the residents at Hickory Creek and Caring Hands as well as Miller's Merry Manor.
Susan Kline has again volunteered to head our project. We are so grateful, Susan.

Theme Artworks: This month our theme was "Spectral" and numerous works were displayed and discussed. We chose a new theme for September artworks; the new theme being "Moon".

Also Discussed: Dan Harshman, one of our members, will be displaying his artworks in the 4-H building during Hoosier Heritage Days at the Miami County 4-H Fairgrounds from August 14th -16th.
I will do a blog posting on this at that time.

Next Scheduled Meeting: August 19th at 7 p.m. at Cafe Du Cirque.

August Program: I am scheduled to demonstrate the steps from a 3 dementional object to putting it in 2 dementional form onto paper or canvas as an abstract work of art.

Our meetings are open to the public and you will be welcomed to join us at Cafe Du Cirque at 65 N. Miami Street in Peru, IN. Hope to see you there.


teri said...

All the spectral items were interesting to look at ... anxious to see what MOON will turn out! We went for delicious ice cream after the meeting!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Val, the blog looks great. Was just doing an overall *look* and you have done excellent in learning how to put this together.
(knew you could do it!)