Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July Monthly Meeting

Attendance: 20

Our monthly meeting was moved up to this past Wednesday, the 14th due to the circus festivities this week.
Joining us were three new people: Terry Jones is from Macy and works in pen and ink, and oil pastels
Hilary Lohrman lives in Logansport and uses pencil, ink and watercolor to create art works.
Gina McDowell resides here in Peru and is into textiles.
Welcome all.
At the meeting we discussed "Sundays at the Gallery"; a presentation of art owned by the Peru High School. The latest one was this past Sunday, the 18th. The next one will be Sunday, August 15th from 1-4 p.m. and will be presented by Charles Shephard, director of the Ft. Wayne Museum of Art. Also entertaining guests will be the newly formed Peru Symphony.

The Cole Porter Inn has invited us to display, for sale, our Cole Porter works created for the recent Cole Porter Festival Art Show held at the Miami County Museum June 12th and 13th.
Also requested are works portraying the Peru area.
Anyone interested may contact Susan Josette at 765-460-5127 or

For the remainder of the meeting we moved out of doors, to the courtyard of the Cafe Du Cirque where we watched Brenda Ramseier, the Maconaquah Elementary School art teacher, give us her presentation demonstrating her collage technique using the cleaning product "Citrasolv".
She brushed the concentrated fluid on several pages of an old magazine, dated prior to 2002, pressing them together then setting them aside.
She continued discussing the process while showing us a few of the collages she has made in this method. One of the pieces was a portrait of Cole Porter she created for the Cole Porter Festival Art Show mentioned above.
After about 5 minutes or so(normally 10-20 minutes) she separated the still wet pages to reveal the beautiful, interesting, abstract pages formed by the action of the Citrasolv on the old magazine inks.

She also demonstrated that you can further manipulate the inks by drawing onto the pages with different tools, among them: q-tips.
Once that is done lay the pages to dry before continuing with your projects.
I, for one, am inspired to run right to the Sun Spot in Kokomo or get online to Cheap Joe's to order some Citrasolv.
That was really fun. We all thank you Brenda!

Next month our meeting held at the Cafe Du Cirque falls on Wednesday, August 18th, 7 p.m. It will be the evening to display and discuss your theme works based on the word "EXPRESSIVE".
I hope see you then.

Photos of Brenda courtesy of Teri Partridge. Thank you so much Teri.

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