Thursday, June 25, 2009

John Miles, Watercolorist

Last evening the Co-Op was graced by John Miles, one of the founding members, giving a demonstration of his watercolor technique on various surfaces, watercolor canvas, clay board, and watercolor panels. His primary focus for the demo was teaching us his method of painting sky and clouds using brushes to put the paint on and facial tissue to remove unwanted areas.

He ended by painting a foreground with yellow ochre and a green, I believe. He had, previously to joining us, painted a red barn and trees in the distance and used a masking product which he removed to reveal a silo that he proceeded to complete by adding color.

He also displayed other very nicely done paintings of his-a charming image of his grandson, Ayden, playing in the sand on the beach, a work showing a row boat pulled out of the water, surrounded by palm trees, and my favorite of the evening--a vase of flowers.

On the whole I don't care for paintings of flowers, but John does such a lovely job with a loose painterly style that I find them pleasing.

Thank you John!

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Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Nice post Val! It was a fun evening watching John work like mad getting that paint laid down---always amazes me.