Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I suppose on the first posting of the newly made Peru Arts Co-Op blog i should explain a little about the Co-Op.  We are a group of people that like art, make art, pretty much anybody creative. We have photographers, painters, mixed media artists, graphic designers, musicians, ect. You name we got it.  We started out about 2 years ago and have grown from just a few to 20-30 people at our monthly meetings.  Every other month we choose a word, and everyone makes a peice of art (whatever they want to do) that represents what they think the word means. This months word is dog.  The last word we had was portrait. (Im still holding out for moustache or psycadelic.)  We have our meetings at Cafe Du Cirque in Peru, IN. 

Last year we were given the opportunity to give 4x4 peices of art to the local retirement home.  Some of the patients dont get presents at christmas and some dont have family to come visit them. These 4x4 peices were wrapped and given out the patients so that everyone could get a christmas present.  This wednesday is the second time that the co-op is doing this and there an estimated 100 4x4 canvases going to the patients.  Its a great way to support the community and give to people that might not normally get something at christmas.  

Im will try and update this regularly with info on whats going on with the co-op and maybe some photos of things that were working on. If your interested please make it out to one of our meetings.  Were just a group of people working together to inspire each other. 

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Anne said...

Hey Shane, great work! If you need photos, I have them from the mixed media class we had this past summer, also the group photo of the Community Artists Co-Op from our first Fallfest.
It has been so rewarding watching this group grow from the beginning; I remember standing and waiting the night of the first meeting and wondering if the only people to be there would be us founding board members. And we were pleasantly surprised otherwise, and have been since!
There are good things coming for 2009, and I hope all our artists will invite any other artists of any media they know to take part in the fun!
Come join us!!!